Tuesday, 12 April 2016

The Inquisitor Grand Tournament 2016

Saturday the 9th of April saw a gathering of Inquisitor-playing enthusiasts descend on Warhammer World in Nottingham. An entirely unofficial, non-GW affiliated event nowadays, the tournament has been run by a selfless volunteer. I've had a turn before, but this year it was Conclave user Cortez who took the reigns and did a great job with planning the event, as well as time- and score-keeping on the day. Thanks must also go to Marco Skoll for booking the tables, creating a poster to advertise Inquisitor to passers-by and for printing off more leaflets for those interested in the game.

Displaying huge 54mm scale vehicles always draws people in!

The day was split into three game rounds, where participants are expected to run a scenario of their own creation, and take their characters into the thick of things in 2 games run by another participant. Scores are awarded for creativity and running a tight ship by players for the GM, while they score how well a player stayed in character and helped towards creating a fun story in the game. A painting and modelling round where participants judge the work of their peers is also included in the final tally. Lastly, the fiendishly tricky Inquisition quiz tests a participant's knowledge of 41st millennium lore and is used as a tie-breaker.

Commissars attempt to unravel the secrets of my scenario...

I had the honour of running one of the first round games. The Tzeentchian von Ravensburg siblings of Cortez and the errant Commissars of Greenstuff_Gav descended on the Hall of the Cryptologists tasked with having an encrypted message decoded by the titular Cryptologists. Highlights of the game included Daniel von Ravensburg briefly becoming possessed by his daemon weapon, Isabella von Ravensburg using sorcerous powers to run through walls, and the Commissork (you read that right) Gitsnik shouting “anyone that is a 'eretic throw down ya weapons!” The game was played on the Zone Mortalis table, which was great for forcing characters into narrow alleys in search of the Cryptologists. Although the admittedly gorgeous Forgeworld scenery is out of my price range, I do fancy trying to put something similar together myself.

The Alpha Legion are now a confirmed presence in the Carthax Sector.

In the second round I used my Alpha Legionnaire, Constantin Jágr as my PC (with the GM's permission I should add). Tasked with preventing the radical Red King under Lord Borak's control from getting secrets from a contact by GM Cortez, Jágr took it upon himself to kidnap the contact. Unfortunately, McJomar's Mondominant Mordecai had the contact under armed guard, and extraction via Valkyrie was moments away. Using blind grenades and duplicity, Jagr managed to isolate the contact and convince one of her guards to hold off the Oblationist enemy. Highlights from this game included Jágr shrugging off a krak grenade, Mordecai using his flaming power fist to swat away Pyonidas in revenge for setting him on fire, and Violet and Verena unsuccessfully playing hot potato with a krak grenade.

The Blood God demands his worshippers massacre all those that oppose him. 

In the third round Lord Borak requested I take my alternate warband, led by the Khornate pirate Ergun Malloch in search of a lost minion. Unfortunately, said minion had some sort of head injury and now led a band of Redemptionists! Malloch was tasked with extracting him, but once the heads started rolling and the daemonhost Sacarlax spilled blood in anger, only death would do for the traitor! While I failed in my objective, and Marco Skoll succeeded in his by shoving a krak grenade down the target's throat, all the bloodshed surely pleased Malloch's patron. This game was most memorable for the number of injuries to left arms suffered by NPC goon and PC alike. Biceps for the bicep throne!

Bony appendages make for deadly weapons, as lots of Redemptionists found out!

The final scores were soon tallied, and amazingly I took home the Best GM and overall winner awards. Cortez was the Best Player and third overall, while Lord Borak was the Best Hobbiest and second place. Personally, this was a great end to a great day. Inquisitor gaming is alive and kicking! Thanks to everyone who made it along and turned it into fantastic day.

More pictures will appear on the Facebook page.

The Carthaxian Inquisitor 

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