Thursday, 31 March 2016

The Xanthite Sourcebook

Ladies and Gents, I'd like to present version 1.0 of the Xanthite Sourcebook.

This has been a project that has been ongoing for at least 4 years following the release of the Amalathian Sourcebook, and had its inception some time before that during discussions with Conclave user Dosdamt (Slaanesh_Ben in earlier incarnations of the forum).  It's been held up quite a bit due to a determination of mine to have new miniatures built for illustrating it, and because of that passion-killing feeling big projects have from time to time.

The book gives a history of Zaranchek Xanthus, and the founding of the faction. Details of the faction's related philosophies are given, so too its place within the Ordos and its interaction with the other major factions. Some of the forces of Chaos that Xanthites of the Carthax Sector may come up against are presented within the book. 4 characters with links to the philosophy of Xanthus are biographied next. Lastly, a large section on Xanthites on the table top includes rules for daemonhost and daemon weapon creation.

I am presenting this as version 1.0 as there are no doubt a bunch of mistakes in there that will need edited. Once I am happy they have been corrected I'll be releasing an updated version to the internet at large.

I would love some feedback, and correction of all my errors!


The Carthaxian Inquisitor

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