Tuesday, 12 May 2015

The Inquisitor Grand Tournament 2015

In a couple of weeks time, on May 30th, the 2015 Inquisitor Grand Tournament will take place at Warhammer World, Nottingham. It's been a couple of years since I've been able to get to an Inquisitor event, so I am really looking forward to this. The tournament is different to a campaign day as all attendees are invited to both play and run games as a GM for their fellow competitors, so for someone who hasn't been to an event for a while, it's great to be able to experience both sides of the game again.

Since the last blog post I have completed a daemonhost of Nurgle...

The notion of competitive Inquisitor play can be a bit confusing, as it is a narrative game. At the tournament, players are scored by the GM with regards to how they conduct their characters in the game, with “in character” actions and events on the way to achieving the objectives set for them scored highly. Game Masters are scored by their players on how good a time they had in that scenario, rewarding original plots and well-controlled games. Points are also awarded for painting and modelling, that final, and most important reason for collecting miniatures! The tournament rewards attendees who grasp the ethos of the Inquisitor game in its entirety, and the winner of the day is quite often not the player whose war band crushed all underfoot, but rather contributed to memorable games of cool set pieces and daring heroics.

...a daemonhost of Tzeentch...

In years gone past, there was a limitation on the number of models one could bring, but for this year, multiple war bands can be brought along. I like this change, as the more cool miniatures around, the more likely we are to capture the imagination of passers-by. Trying to grow the hobby has been one of the primary goals for this blog, and any opportunity to advertise the game to others will be utilised! I am also happy with this change as I have a load of miniatures painted in this last year that I'd love to take with me for a game. I won't have to settle on three and leave the others behind.

... and a Dark Mechanicus Magos. All could feature at the tournament!

There's still plenty of room for players on the 30th, so if you're keen, get along to Warhammer World for some games. Spectators are welcome too, so if you're in Nottingham and fancy coming to see some cool miniatures, then head down too. The event pack can be downloaded here. I will have a report on the day up here a couple of weeks after the event, and I'll make the scenario I ran available on the Carthax Inquisitor Wiki.

Roll on the 30th!

The Carthaxian Inquisitor 

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