Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Competition Is Good For The Soul

I have an admission to make – I have been distracted from painting my Inquisitor miniatures by a large number of very small orks. This time of year sees the annual EpiComp, where 6mm wargaming in the 41st millennium is showcased with a painting contest of these fiddly infantry stands and dinky tanks. I am a long time fan of Epic gaming, though it has been years since I've actually played a game, but I have never entered EpiComp. Although I don't hold out much hope of winning anything I am using the contest as motivation to get some units painted. My Epic collection is probably only around one tenth painted, which makes my 6mm box of shame gargantuan compared to its 54mm counterpart!

Some Epic Orks that I have finished in the past...

I am sure I am not the only Epic player that's using the contest as a deadline for some new units, and it has occurred to me that having a finish line in mind is a good way to finally put the finishing touches on a model. With that said, I want to have the Ordo Obsoletus warband out of the way by Christmas... The Techpriest is practically done and dusted, and the Arbitrator has half his base colours blocked in now. The next three weeks will fly by, but I am sure I can pull it off!

So much happier with this model now it has been painted.

Once I have them off my desk, my attention is going to fully turn to those Inquisitors spoken of in hushed tones by their Ordo brethren, the Xanthites. After many years of gestation, I am getting close to putting together a first draft of a new sourcebook detailing these mistrusted Inquisitors and the unorthodox methods they use to protect the Imperium. In years past, the fan-written Recongregator, Istvaanian and Amalathian Sourcebooks have been largely well-received by the Inquisitor playing masses, and I hope that this one passes muster. As well as getting the manuscript sorted, there is the small matter of building and painting some new models to grace its pages. I have a daemonhost that I just can't wait to put together...

The new daemonhost isn't based on Cherubael...

One other thing I was doing this weekend was mapping the Carthax Sector. Previously, a number of subsectors and astrographical regions had been named and described, but nothing existed to relate them to one another. I freely admit that my work is pretty amateurish, and doesn't include all the systems and planets that exist on the wiki, but it's a start. One day soon I hope to get around to describing the subsectors in more detail. This will be important for the Deathwatch campaign I plan to start in the new year. At the moment, there seems to be precious few threats out there...

imgur link available here.

Not much to chew through this time round, but I thought a wee update was in order. I hope to be back with pictures of the Arbitrator soon!

The Carthaxian Inquisitor

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  1. Someone is a Pratchett fan ;)

    Looking forward to the new source book, and the pretty models.

    And now I've remembered the hordes of tiny tiny power-armoured dudes hiding in a box. Oh well, more to add to the list of shame.