Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Daemon Weapons

Work on the Xanthite sourcebook has been getting pushed back and back over the last few months as I have been a lot busier with work, and what hobby time I have has been dedicated to entries for EpiComp. The heresy of 6mm gaming will end at the competition deadline of the 20th of December and I will be able to get back to 54mm, and all things Inquisitor.  I thought I'd share some of the ideas I have had for expanding upon the daemon weapons section from the Inquisitor rulebook.

I have made a few changes, which I think are for the better.  Firstly, daemon weapon abilities can be applied to all manner of objects now: cursed tomes of forbidden lore, chain weapons and ranged weapons, with a few caveats.  The most powerful abilities are now restricted to greater entities, so that the most destructive powers now carry a far greater risk to the soul of their bearer.  I have also aligned a number of abilities with particular gods, to limit some of the potential combinations, and to make them an anathema to those aligned to the followers of their rivals.  A possessed boltgun capable of firing rounds that immolate its enemies in warpfire while shielding its bearer from psychic powers can now be created, but the greater entity of Khorne within will have a fearsome Willpower to overcome.

Here are some of the new daemonic properties available.  The first 4 are unaligned properties, and one property aligned to the powers of Khorne, Nurgle, Slaanesh and Tzeentch, respectively:

The blade possesses an edge sharpened by the incomprehensible energies of the warp.  When rolling for the damage, the attacker may roll one extra damage die and discard the lowest rolled.

The blade splits into twisted, thorny appendages and delights in winding around the weapons and limbs of its foes.   Opponents are at an additional -20% to parry or dodge attacks from the weapon.

The daemon once soared on bat-like wings, and now blesses its bearer with the ability to cover vast distances in single bounds.  When bearing the weapon, the character counts as if equipped with a jump pack.

Veil of Darkness
The daemon within the blade absorbs light, obscuring its bearer in shadow.  Awareness tests to visually locate the bearer are at -20% when the weapon is drawn.

This Khornate blade revels in the taste of blood, growing more powerful with every drop.  When the weapon successfully inflicts damage after deductions for armour etc., add this value to the damage of the next hit.  The blade must taste blood once a turn or all bonuses are lost. Remember, Khorne cares not from where the blood flows (Greater Entities Only).

Drooping maws line the weapon, leaking putrescent bile and maggots from their rotten lips, that is vomited out on command.  Once per turn, the bearer may unleash a wave of filth at his foes.  This shooting attack counts as a hand flamer, that inflicts an additional D6 damage if its target fails a Toughness test, but cannot set the target on fire.

Neuron Render
The daemon within loves nothing more than to overstimulate the nerve endings of its foes to excruciating levels, leaving them incapacitated and vulnerable to killing blows.   The weapon counts as Shocking.

The daemon subtly alters the future of its opponents, leaving them at the mercy of fate.   All blows struck by the weapon are critical hits, or placed shots in the case of ranged weapons (Greater Entities only).

It has been a lot of fun coming up with new daemonic properties, and I expect I may come up with more before I get the sourcebook finished.   One of the major hurdles I have to complete for the book is building and painting a number of models to illustrate its pages with. Hopefully I can get them built and painted by the end of March 2016.  Then I can concentrate on formatting the sourcebook and writing some fiction pieces to go with it.  I would like to encourage everyone to consider sharing any pictures of your own models or any pieces of fiction you would like to see in the sourcebook.  Full credit will of course be given.

The Carthaxian Inquisitor

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